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Bink van Vollenhoven, Amsterdam 1983
2024: Storylines, video installation, H'ART Museum, Amsterdam
2024: Performance Prins Bink, B-Proud Anniversary, Ministery of finance, Utrecht
2024: Performance Prins Bink, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht
2024: Performance Prins Bink, Parkvilla, Alphen aan den Rijn 
2023: Performance Prins Bink, B-Proud, Ministery of finance, Utrecht
2023: Performance Prins Bink, WIHH Galery, Amsterdam
2023: Performance Prins Bink, Cultura Nova Festval (premiere), Heerlen 
2023: Bink Cafe at Next Library.  Presentation hybrid virtual world with National Libraries Of Denmark
2022: Stage painting. DIE AFFÄRE RUE DE LOURCINE Premiere October 22, Rostock Germany
2022: Artist in residence. KUNSTNARHUSET MESSEN, ÅLVIK 
2022: Group show. Travelling exhibition Works on Paper 'The Act of Painting', Japan
2021: Group show. Gallery Echo-ann, Tokyo, Japan 'The Act of Painting'
2021: Feb  4 - 6   Presentation Scientific paper The Infinity Games, ICAART conference, online

2020 Lecture performance The Infinity Games C-TAKT / C-Mine Genk, BE

2020 Performance residency The Infinity Games C-TAKT / Neerpelt, BE

2020 The Infinity Games Workshops series primary schools, Digital pilot project Kaleidoscoop, Maastricht
2020 Artist talk Academy Fine Arts, Skopje, Macedonia

2020 Film project 'Remember Galicnik', Skopje, Macedonia

2019 The Infinity Games performance, C-TAKT, Winternights Festival, Maastricht, NL

2019 Residency The Infinity Games, C-TAKT, Neerpelt, Belgium

2019 Lecture The Infinity Games, Moss/Frederikstad, Norway / symposium

2019: Topos architecture lectures, live drawing / Van Eyck academy Maastricht

2019: Papieren Land / Movie screening / Storytelling Festival, Cinema Lumière, Maastricht

2019 Theatre tour with De Vier Heemskinderen / Drawing (live) & visuals / Toneel Groep Maastricht, 

2019 Group exhibition, retrospective 30 years Art Colony Galichnik, National Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

2019 Interdisciplinary performance, AMAO micro festival, UTOPIE, The Hague, NL

2019 Solo exhibition / Dommelhof / C-TAKT Space for stage art, culture & G-sport

2019 Residency Skopje/Galichnik, Macedonia

2019 The Infinity Games, Augmented Reality interventions New museum, Bronx museum, New York

2019 KRAAi audiovisual drum&base jazz concert / Brandweerkantine, Maastricht

2019 Awardshow nomination International Competition Paper Land  / Millenium Filmfestival Brussels

2019  Screening with Q&A Paper Land (Papieren Land) film 50 min / Millenium Filmfestival Brussels

2019 Screening Paper Land (Papieren Land) film 50 min / Millenium Filmfestival Brussels

2019 Infinity Games workshops / Stichting De Vrolijkheid AZC Heerlen 

2019 Screening Paper Land (Papieren Land) film 50 min / Limburg Film Festival Venlo

2018: The Infinity Games Lecture / Bessensap scientific conference Amsterdam

2018: Exhibition TAC - Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven, Paper Land, mural / film installation 

2018: Movie International premiere - DOK Leipzig / screening Kasseler Dokfest

2018: Movie PREMIERE  & DEBUT Competition at NFF - Nederlands Filmfestival, Utrecht

2018:  'Papieren Land' 50 min. cross-genre: art/docu/performance - Filmkrant

2018: Theatre tour with Een Vrouw en Een Engel / Live visuals / Anne Roos Rosa de Carvalho

2017: Concept and curator. Group show & performances. I AM A PAINTER Theater aan het Vrijthof

2017: in-disciplinary performance Club Sandwich TGM - Talent lab.

2017- 2019 IMPACT international project for science & performing arts / Artifiical Intelligence, UM

2017: Group show. During Resonate, Belgrade, 'The Future is invisible / MAMDT'

2016: Group show. ROSALUX, Berlin, 'The Act of Painting'

2016: Group show. BYOB Bring Your Own Beamer, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2016: Group show. University, Wageningen 'The Act of Painting'

2016: Performance, live improvisations on Universe with Andi Zant, ROSALUX, Berlin


2016: Theatrical Performances and video: Paper Land / City Liv / Cultura Nova/ / Heerlen

2016: Theatrical performance Blackwhite game, PAS festival, Oproer, Nijmegen, Maastricht, Venlo

2016: Theater Aachen, Stage Visuals / drawings , TERROR, Aachen

2016: Multimedia performance Blackwhite game, Theatraal am Waal, Nijmegen

2016: Multimedia performance Opgetogica / Blackwhite game, Salon, Baexem Castle

2015: Group show. Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht 'Masterclass The Drive Of Drawing'

2015: Group show. KNAW, Sterrenwacht, Leiden 'nominees show: Astronomy and Art'

2015: Group show. Art Space Schau-Fenster, Berlin 'The Act of Painting'

2015: Theatre show: INFINITY, AINSI THEATRE / Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht

2015: Performance 'Je moet je leven veranderen', Secret Places festival, Nightscapes, Maastricht

2014: Solo. Lenssen gallery, Maastricht. 'SCAPES PLACES PEOPLE'

2014: Group show: Saatchi Gallery, London, Staff picks: Art on screen Loop

2014: Group show. Casa Sakanoue, Hiyoshi, Japan 'The Act of Painting'

2014: Group show. Gallery Valeur, Nagoya, Japan 'The Act of Painting'

2014: Group show. W139 Art space, Amsterdam 'There is no i'

2014: Group show. TAC Art Space, Eindhoven 'The Act of Painting'

2014: Interdisciplinary piece with House of Makers, KANTOR festival, Amsterdam 

2014: Interdisciplinary piece with House of Makers and Roderick Povel, AINSI , Maastricht 

2014: Live audiovisual performance with KRAAi, Jan van Eyck academy, Maastricht 

2014: Live drawing and visuals with House of Makers. Friday nights, Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam.

2014: Installation. Bonnefanten museum, Maastricht 'Scapes expanded' Mixed media

2014: Installation. Bonnefanten museum, Maastricht 'The stolen lady and slices of time' Mixed media

2013: Group show. Tetem Art Space, Enschede 'The Act of Painting'

2013: Solo. Gallery Danyi, Aachen, drawings 'Zeit ohne Zeit' TEXT / VIDEO

2013: Audiovisual concerts KRAAi, Intro in situ, Maastricht, L__rzeichen, Aachen.

2013: Performances with writers collective De Jagers. Theater Dakota, Den Haag 

2013: Group show. Henn Art, Pilar de la horadada, Spain. 'Dibujos y esculturas' Photographs

2012: Group show. Secret Postcards, Jan van Eyck academy, Maastricht.

2012: Solo. Krakks, Maastricht 'Futuristic city' Photography

2012: Design of an interdisciplinary visual art/jazz piece. 'Nanophony'

           Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany and Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht 

2012: GDMW festival: performance with writers collective De Jagers. Melkweg, Amsterdam

2012: Performance about being an aselium seeker. Theater van het Vat, Servaes cafe, Maastricht 

2011: Lak aan braak: Cooparation with Jens Besser. KUS, Heerlen. 3 Murals of different size

2010: Solo. Gallerie Henn Art, Maastricht. ‘SCAPES’ drawings and paintings

2010: Relaunch of BINK underground copy machine magazine, in Sittard, Heerlen and Maastricht.

           (not active anymore)

2010: Mecc Jazz Festival, Maastricht. 'JAZZ meetz ART' Production of an interdisciplinary Jazz stage with            20 artists: Musicians, performance artists, dancers, actors, visual artists and theatre designers.

2009: Museum ‘Het Domein, Sittard. Wall painting 12 m²

2007: Solo. B32, Maastricht ‘Paints!’ Digital art and wallpaintings

2007: ‘’ goes live. One new drawing every day. Still running.

2007: Public library / college, Hoensbroek. Wall painting 100m²

2006: Maastricht Institute Of The Arts
2006: Thesis on Art and Artificial intelligence. Final theoretic exam under prof. K. van Loo.
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