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A visual performer is an artist who can produce visuals in a live setting in the same way as a musician brings us sound by playing an instrument, or an actress uses voice and a dancer works with body movement.

Marie van Vollenhoven works with a rich collection of images, videos and visual art. Together with interaction designers she has developed her own instant composing software, that allows her to work with analogue drawing, digital painting, digital abstract composing, video’s and effects on stage.

The artistic profession of the visual performer is still quite new in the setting of a jazz concert or a theatre play. Visual performance itself though exists already quite some time and has its roots in the visual arts. Marie positions herself as an artist who performs live as a ‘digital painter’, coming from a background as a traditional painter, filmer and photographer.

She challenges artists to improvise to her live projections. Vice versa she reacts, so a conversation between visual and other artistic languages takes place in front of the audience.

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