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Nanophony (2012) is an interdisciplinary musical and visual art piece by artist Marie van Vollenhoven.

The title refers to the fascination with Nanotechnology, the science of combining ultra small particles into completely new, sometimes even organic materials that Nature itself could never have thought of.

1. LAB INTRO – Kaspar König
2. DNA song – Max Wallrath and Kaspar König
3.Artificial meat song – Sabine Kühlich
4. CERN 1 – Piotr Torunski
5. Cyborg chopper flight – Jelle de Meester & Kaspar König
6. Formula – Marie van Vollenhoven
7. Nano-pill animation – NANO department of Twente University
8. CERN 2 – Piotr Torunski

A collaboration with Jazz Maastricht and Intro in Situ. 

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