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INFINITY is an interdisciplinary theatral piece by Marie van Vollenhoven.

Three artists from different disciplines take up the challenge to dive deeply into the mystery of INFINITY.  On stage they represent the abstract matter of the infinite. New art is specially created for this show. Uri Eugenio’s journey in infinity interacts with newly composed music by Marc Alberto, performed live with his ensemble. All becomes one in the projections of Marie van Vollenhoven’s stunning visual art.


​concept, visual art & production – Marie van Vollenhoven 

choreography – dance - Uri Eugenio 
composer – musical director – musician - Marc Alberto 
interaction Design - Felix Herbst / Paul Kirsten of Prefrontal Cortex
3D support Tom Krabbe / BIC multi media
Musicians Maarten ReumkensTimothy PedoneFlorian HerzogFederico Bragetti

Production In Infinty Productions

Coproduction VIA ZUID – Intro in Situ – Theater aan het Vrijthof

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