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Bink cafe is a virtual museum where great creativity is on display and honest stories are tolds

On a regular basis Virtual Museum Bink Cafe organises exhibitions. Artist-curator Bink invites artists with different backgrounds working from various disciplines. What they all have in common is that they have a passionate story to tell. Through the universal language of art a dialogue will take place between the host, the artist and the visitor. Listen to the podcast on the radio; it's at the bar in the café. 


An important goal is bursting bubbles. The museum illustrates that all narratives can be shared in the same space. The style of Bink café is to show you that the power of art is its multifold perspective; whether it's illustration, artistic research, creative coding, social design, dancing or visual art. As a bit of an outsider toward all these scenes, I want to offer a fresh view on curatorship and welcome a wide audience to the rich world of art and its many faces.

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